School Special service

2024 bookings now available.

To book your child(ren) on this service as regular travellers, you can purchase a term fare pass here:

Term Pass Bookings

Term passes will be issued upon submission of the booking form. Students without a term pass will be required to pay a cash fare to the driver upon boarding the bus for each trip.

Please note that due to the high demand for this service, only term pass holders can be guaranteed a seat. Other students may travel on an ad-hoc basis subject to availability of seats.

Click the image above to expand the route map.

7:50am Joseph Avenue (Kilmore Road)
7:55am Peavey Road (Kumbari Court)
7:58am Kilmore Road (Mountain View Way)
8:03am Rodney Street (Fisher Street)
8:05am Keily Road (Howey Street)
8:06am Keily Road (Fersfield Road)
8:07am Fersfield Road (Lauren Court)
8:09am Bloomfield Road (Willowbank Road)
8:11am Tasman Road (Morand Street)
8:14am Brady Road (Cherry Ballart Road)
8:20am Wyralla Crescent (Collis Court)
8:24am Gisborne Secondary College
8:28am Fisher Street (Brantome Street)
St Brigid's Primary School
Gisborne Primary School
8:29am Fisher Street (Turanga Road) - Mulbarton Estate
8:34am Station Road (Frith Road)
8:36am Cherry Lane (Swinburne Avenue)
8:41am New Gisborne Primary School
8:45am Holy Cross Primary School
3:25pm New Gisborne Primary School
3:38pm Holy Cross Primary School
3:43pm Swinburne Avenue (Cherry Lane)
3:45pm Station Road (Sankey Reserve)
3:50pm Fisher Street (Turanga Road) - Mulbarton Estate
3:52pm Fisher Street (Brantome Street)
St Brigid's Primary School
Gisborne Primary School
3:55pm Gisborne Secondary College
3:59pm Wyralla Crescent (Collis Court)
4:05pm Brady Road (Cherry Ballart Road)
4:08pm Tasman Road (Morand Street)
4:10pm Bloomfield Road (Willowbank Road)
4:12pm Fersfield Road (Lauren Court)
4:13pm Keily Road (Fersfield Road)
4:14pm Keily Road (Howey Street)
4:16pm Rodney Street (Fisher Street)
4:21pm Kilmore Road (Mountain View Way)
4:24pm Kilmore Road (Peavey Road)
4:26pm Joseph Avenue (Kilmore Road)